North Central Province

In the beginning . . .the Fraternity was primarily a coalition of Midwestern chapters. With growth, a strategic plan was implemented to effectively manage the Fraternity’s expansion and service the needs of the membership.In 1920, Grand Keeper of the Exchequer, George F. David II proposed organizing ΚΑΨ into Districts, with a Director appointed by the Grand Polemarch.At the 10th Grand Chapter Meeting, Brother David became the 3rd Grand Polemarch and initiated this idea, and ΚΑΨ was divided into three Districts. By 1922, ΚΑΨ had established 18 chapters on campuses in 12 cities.Brother W. Ellis Stewart, the 4th Grand Polemarch, increased the number of Districts to 7, and renamed them Regions.In 1925, at the 15th Grand Chapter Meeting, the Regions were designated as Provinces, and Regional Directors renamed Province Polemarchs.Province Polemarchs were initially appointed to govern a Province irrespective of their home states.The North Central Province, originally known as the Central Province, included the same geography as today with the exception  of Iowa.Today, the North Central Province consists of a 5-state region: Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota & Wisconsin.Twenty-two Province Polemarchs have led North Central Province. Korlon Kilpatrick II is the 23rd North Central Province Polemarch.Five Chicago Alumni members have served as North Central Province Polemarchs: Brothers C. Leon Wilson, Julius Morgan, Eldridge T. Freeman Jr., Daniel Dixon III and Michael Hughes Sr.