Chairman: Jacques Polk


This Committee shall recommend and prepare petitions for all achievement awards including Local, Provincial and National Kappa awards and other community service award competitions.  The Committee shall consist of 7 members, one of whom shall serve as the chairman, appointed by the Polemarch with the consent of the Board of Directors.  The Committee will develop a purposeful well-planned achievement program.  The Committee shall recommend to the Chapter sustaining members who have significant achievement during the year or years past who are deserving of Chapter recognition.  The Committee shall submit to the North Central Province all necessary information in a timely manner on members who have achieved and deserve Province recognition.  The Committee will submit to Grand Chapter the achievement of brothers deserving Grand Chapter recognition.  The Committee shall direct the Edward G. Irvin Foundation activities.

The Committee will be responsible for the creation and dissemination of the Chapter’s newsletter, The Kappa Kronicle.  As part of it’s responsibility there will be Brothers who will document Chapter activities through photos to be used in the Kronicle and Award Packet submissions.  This Committee will also assist the Historian in preparing an annual Chapter history.