Senior Kappas

Chairman: James McMurray










Duties of the Senior Kappa Affairs Committee (SKAC):The Senior Kappa Affairs Committee is composed of two members appointed by the Polemarch.The primary purpose of this committee is to spearhead the Chapter’s efforts to ensure and enhance the well-being of this member-group, and to:

1. Facilitate the participation of senior brothers in all chapter activities and appropriate programs;

2. Retain current members of our Chapter  who are financial and have been members of our Fraternity 50 or moreyears; and

3. Retain and/or reclaim financial and non-financial Brothers of our Bond 60+ years of age.

It is also important to note that the Senior Kappa Affairs Committee (SKAC) is the second committee mandated by our Grand Chapter.Another of this Committee’s purposes is to be aware of what is happening within the Chapter, QCK and other programs that impact our senior members and all the Brothers within the chapter and our Bond of Brotherhood.Based on overall SKAC objectives some of the planned events and future programs are:

A.  Awarding of the “White Sport Coat” to Brothers who are 50 years active, contributing and fully financial with our Chapter. This coat will bear the Fraternity’s Coat of Arms on the breast pocket.

B.  Heavy bronze medallions bearing our fraternity’s Coat of Arms attached to crimson and cream ribbons for wearing this Medallion around their necks.

C.  The revival of recording the history of our Chapter and the achievements of all senior members of our Chapter.

D.  Celebration of African American History Month at the DuSable Museum of African American History. A proposed theme, “The Golden Heritage of the Chicago Alumni Chapter’s Senior Kappa Affairs Committee” could be considered.Invitees to include family and friends of SKAC members and our Chapter’s membership. A brief program and lightrefreshments would be served. Costs would require some funding. Additional logistics will be pursued.

E.  A coordinated and planned system of transportation of SKAC members, with driving restrictions or those lacking transportation to Chapter meetings and SKAC affairs and activities.

F.  The mailing of birthday, Christmas, wedding, anniversary,  get well and other appropriate cards to 50-yearmembers of our Noble Clan and 60+ year members of the SKAC.

G.   A column in the Kappa Kronicle newsletter to publicize SKAC activities and programs. Additional news exposure may be acquired in news releases to the Chicago Defender and to the South Suburban Standard newspapers.

H.  Creation of an “in-house” SKAC telephone-tree for SKAC members’ well-being checks of this member-group.This committee would facilitate and schedule the Chapter’s community outreach efforts, and coordinate and suggest dates. Recommend meaningful community interactions. Whenever feasible, involve undergraduate Brothers and Kappa Leaguers to participate.

For more information contact:

Weyman L. Edwards, Chairman

Donald A. Pettis Sr., Co-Chairman