Welfare & Necrology

Alvin Paul 2015

Chairman: Alvin Paul

Email: Welfare@ChicagoAlumni1919.org

The Welfare & Necrology Committee shall consist of three members appointed by the Polemarch, with the consent of the Board of Directors. The Committee shall have the power to organize, establish procedures and internal structure as necessary for the successful completion of the assigned tasks.

The duties of the Welfare Committee are as follows:

1. Prepare, when requested by the family, fraternal/chapter ritual procedures following the death of a Chapter member as directed by the Polemarch.

2. Notify the members of the details for service.

3. Provide appropriate funeral and physical recognition.

4. Prepare a resolution for the Kappa Alpha Psi Burial Ceremony, if requested.

5. Send a copy of the obituary and a photo to the Chapter Reporter for inclusion in the Kappa Alpha Psi Journal.

6. Keep a roster of deceased Brothers for the North Central Province and the Grand Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi.

7. Maintain contact with Brothers and their families when they are ill and, when authorized to do so, notify Chapter members of the illness.

8. Mail get well and sympathy cards and/or 100 stamps.

9. Give a monthly report to the Chapter.

10. Call, visit and/or pray with the infirmed.

11. Pray and provide religious counseling, if requested by a member.

If you know of a brother who is ill or recently deceased, please inform a member of the committee ASAP.

Alvin Paul III, Co-Chairman

Huron Dukes, Jr., Co-Chairman

Ernest Baker

Charles Hamilton

David Posley, Jr.

Raynor Ricks

Michael Sykes

Frederick Wilson Jr.